Thursday, 2 February 2012

Thank you, come again.


It took a ten months, but we finally have our second demo out on tape. It took so long because, well, we sort of forgot we were in a band and didn't do anything with it. Luckily Dany from Art for Blind got involved and and managed to organise us. Thanks, Dany. You can download / purchase the tape from here

Our next show is February 19 in Brighton w/ The Men and Shookworms

As for other stuff, Jay reckons that to be taken seriously as a 'band' we have to go on 'tour' Apparently these 'tours' consist of driving around in a van from one town to another and playing our songs for days at a time to people we don't really like. Needless to say, we all backed the idea hard and so decided not to take holidays to other countries with our wives and girlfriends, but instead rent a van and drive up and down the M1 for a week. I personally cannot wait and am a mixture of; Psyched! Pumped! and Stoked!

All the shows are with the awesome Spraynard (featuring friends of Ed Mcnulty and Mimi Gallagher) If you live in one of the towns that these tours always seem to go through, start getting excited. The order we will be playing these fine places is;

April 18 2012 SOUTHAMPTON
April 19 2012 KINGSTON
May 06 2012 LONDON
May 07 2012 BRISTOL
May 08 2012 SWANSEA
May 09 2012 BIRMINGHAM
May 10 2012 LEEDS
May 11 2012 EDINBURGH
May 12 2012 SUNDERLAND
May 13 2012 MANCHESTER
May 14 2012 BRIGHTON

We will also hopefully have a new record out by then. Expect lots of DUN-DUN's and BOOM-KA-BOOMBOOM-KAKA beats. Don't say all punk sounds the same, it doesn't. That's just ignorant.

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